Fibroids Miracle Review and About Women’s Health

Hundreds of women nowadays are suffering from uterine fibroid thus; this Fibroids Miracle review has been written in order to help them. As it is caused by hormones so; you can say that uterine fibroid is not just any other condition. The moment symptoms manifest and you suspect that you have uterine fibroid; you should consult your doctor right away.

Amanda Leto developed a great natural way of healing uterine fibroid. Her book titled Fibroid Miracle is where you can find all the information that you need. The 3 step 100% natural program that she made can relieve you of fibroid pains in 12 hours and entirely cure you in 2 months. This is all done without a single drop of synthetic medicine. The easy to follow, comprehensive steps are all you need to follow to ensure proper treatment. Charts and checklists are also included with the book to record your progress. And if you need personal counseling, Amanda also gives this for free when you purchase her book; the Fibroid Miracle.

Benefits of Cauliflower During Pregnancy

One cup of cauliflower will provide a pregnant woman with 27 calories. For obese pregnant women who want to lose some weight in pregnancy, it is perfect. While losing weight is not always recommended, it is one of the best ways of making sure you have given birth to a baby with the right birth weight, especially if the baby is already overweight. This is usually the case among women who are obese in pregnancy. Reducing weight helps in the improvement of your pregnancy experience. Cauliflower has a lot of vitamin C, which helps in the improvement of the immune system of the mother in pregnancy. This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of cauliflower during pregnancy. While the immune system of the mother is lower in pregnancy than when she was not pregnant, it makes sense to keep the immune system at a reasonable level to prevent illnesses. Vitamin C also helps in thee absorption of iron, which is also very crucial in pregnancy. When iron is ingested and stored in the body, it is not of any benefit to pregnancy.  It is important that you eat a lot of vitamin C so that the iron you eat can be of benefit to you. Cauliflowers also prevent low birth fetuses and prevent premature birth. Premature labor is a condition that women are more likely to experience if they have experienced it several times before. You need about 60mcg of folate each day in pregnancy and one cup of cauliflower will provide your body with 61mcg of folate.  Folate aids in the formation of the placenta and the improvement of the health of the child. It prevents neural tube defects, which can cause disability in infants. It also supplies your body with calcium, which is good for your bones and teeth as well as the bones of the fetus.

Benefits of Centering in Pregnancy

Centering in pregnancy is a form of group therapy for pregnant women. There are many benefits of centering in pregnancy. Centering in pregnancy provides health, education and support for women who are pregnant. Usually, pregnant women in the same gestational age are grouped together. The groups will include omen who have given birth before and women in their first pregnancies.  They are encouraged to share experiences and give support to one another. The groups are supposed to meet prenatal all the way postnatal and this enables them to share ideas on how to take care of their children. It is very beneficial, especially to those women who do not have any kind of external support. Here, women are taught how to take care of themselves, their bodies and are briefed on what changes they can expect as they progress trough their pregnancies. They are taught what to expect during labor and the importance of going for prenatal check ups as often as they can. Women discuss about how they handled the various challenges of pregnancy, like morning sickness, leg cramps and tiredness. They will often share birth experiences to inform one another on what to expect. The whole idea behind centering is to inform women about pregnancies and how to take care of their children. Postnatal meetings center on how to take care children who are born and how to handle them. Bathing breastfeeding, clothing is some of the discussions that will be done in the postnatal stage. They will also discuss milestones that infants should achieve and brief the mothers on what to look out for. Centering helps mothers to be more aware of the habits they need to quit and the habits they need to adopt. It help to improve their own health and in the process the health of their babies.

Benefits of Cabbage in Pregnancy

One of the biggest benefits of cabbage in pregnancy is the fact that it doesn’t have fats. While it’s very nutritious, it doesn’t provide a lot of calories. It has very little fat and is also one of the best providers of folic acid in pregnancy. One cup of cabbage will provide 30mcg of folic acid. This is very important for the prevention of neural tube defects in the developing fetus. Some of these defects can cause disability, which can be prevented by proper diet. If any family member is afflicted with neural tube defects, there is a higher chance of the same being passed on to the fetus that you are carrying. You should be aware that you should take a lot of folic acid to prevent this from happening. Also, there are certain kinds of medication that prevent the fetus  from absorbing enough folic acid  and so you should ensure that you have checked this with your doctors beforehand because you will need to eat more folic acid in your pregnancy than the regular pregnant woman. Cabbage also provides the body with a lot of fiber, and this reduces the chances of constipation, which is something that many pregnant women experience in pregnancy. Ensure that you have just enough fiber in your body, since too much has its own consequences. The more fiber you have, the more gas you will have and the more uncomfortable you will be. The daily required intake of fiber is 28g. Cabbage has anticarcinogenic properties that help in the prevention of the growth of cancer cells. The advantage of cabbage is that it comes in several different varieties. There are purple, green and white cabbages, all which have varying nutrient percentages. Cabbages are readily available as well, and pregnant women can access them easily.

Benefits of Cashews During Pregnancy

Cashew nuts are a delicious and a readily available snack for pregnant women. There are a number of benefits of cashews during pregnancy. These are the reasons why you should be snacking on cashew nuts in pregnancy. First things first, you need to determine if you are allergic to cashews before you eat them.  Before you were pregnant, you should have known if you allergic to cashews and if this is the case, do not take them in pregnancy. Also, if a family member is allergic to cashews, your fetus may have inherited it and so you may have to avoid cashews in pregnancy. You should not take cashes that have been salted, because they will increase the amount of salt in your body and this will lead to a rise in your blood pressure.  This will be bad for a pregnant woman dealing with hypertension at the same time. Also, if you eat too much of cashes it can lead to weight gain even as it is one of the best ways to lose weight. Beware of binging on cashews as it will make you more obese if you are already dealing with obesity in pregnancy.  You can benefit from cashews since they add a lot of iron in your body. It is one of the most important minerals for the increase of blood your body. You will need more blood in your body if you are going to carry the pregnancy to full term and one of the best ways of increasing the blood in your body is by eating iron rich foods. Cashews are also rich in good fats, which are good for the prevention of heart diseases. Cashews contain monosaturarted fats, which will reduce the amount of bad fats and hence reduce blood pressure. It also provides you with a lot of vitamin E, an antioxidant that will reverse tissue damage.

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy Way

Women get pregnant differently and whereas some do not even have to try hard to conceive, some will take months and even years before they can conceive. Many are therefore looking for the fastest and easiest ways of getting pregnant. The fact is that a few lifestyle changes and the right timing can do wonders in ensuring that a pregnancy is achieved within the fastest and easiest way possible. A few things however have to be taken into consideration to increase the chances of a successful trial.

Finding out when ovulation takes place is one of the things that can help in getting pregnant fast and easy. This way, you will know just the right time to get busy. Getting busy a few days before ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant and the action can continue through the ovulation phase to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Even though it might seem to be mythical, women who find it difficult to get pregnant can try to lie down during intercourse to make it easier for the sperms to swim towards the egg. It is also important to ensure that the man is healthy and hence the sperms are healthy as well.

Getting pregnant fast and easy simply relies on preparing the body, right timing and doing it right every time. Health does matter as far as pregnancy is concerned and hence it is best that you keep up with a healthy routine so that all the health aspects work to your advantage when working out the pregnancy. Women with regular menstrual cycles will find it easier to time ovulation and those with irregular cycles can work with the help of doctors to determine which days they ovulate hence making it possible for them to have that intercourse geared towards getting pregnant just at the right time.

Why Do Pregnant Women Eat Ice

You may be wondering why pregnant women eat ice. Some women are known to eat a lot of ice and this kind of craving may be preventing them from eating well for their pregnancies. If you are eating a lot of ice, you may also be suffering from colds most of the time. This kind of craving (being that you are craving items that are not food) is indicative of pica; a condition that causes you to crave non food items. For some women, the cravings may be chalk and dirt etc. while cravings in pregnancy is normal, it is not normal to crave ice or other non-food items as it could be because of the fact that you are suffering from anemia. If you are always eating a lot of non food items, you need to get checked out by your doctor. Regular cravings may not be harmful unless you are overindulging in food items that are not of any calorific value to your body.

You should eat a lot of foods that have iron in them to increase the amount of blood in your body. Being pregnant, you are supposed to increase your levels of blood by 40% to sustain the pregnancy. Incase your levels of blood haven’t increased, or if in your indulgence of non food items you haven’t had enough iron in your body, you will most probably suffer from pica. Eat foods that have iron in them, e.g. red meat and legumes. There is enough for everyone even if you do not eat meat. You may not be able to eat enough iron for the increase in your blood levels, and this is where iron supplements come in. ensure that you know the right amount of nutrients to get into your system, so as to get rid of the cravings for ice and other non food items

Why Are Elephants Pregnant For 2 Years?

The question of why elephants are pregnant for 2 years is no longer a mystery. People have been amazed by the fact that an elephant can actually stay pregnant for 2 years. This gestation period is deemed long given the fact that other mammals have a much shorter period. However, the issue of an elephants pregnancy is not something that people should worry about. This is because there is a reason as to why it takes 2 years for an elephant to give birth. The bone of contention for many scientists is in understanding the biological process of an elephants pregnancy.

Till now, scientists have not been able to fully understand the biological process of an elephants pregnancy. This has in essence put into disarray efforts by scientists to boost the breeding of elephants in order to cub the fast extinction that it faces. More and more people kill elephants in order to get its trunk which goes at a handsome value. However, all these have not stopped people asking why it takes 2 years before an elephant can give birth. The reason as to why an elephants pregnancy lasts for 2 years is because that’s the amount of time its required for a baby elephant to fully develop its brain.

What this basically means is that the timeline is to enable the unborn elephant to fully develop its brain. Its instructive to note that an elephant baby is born with one of the most advanced and developed brains among the mammal species. What this means is that a young elephant can effectively recognize complex social structures and be able to recognize a herd as well as feed on its big trunks with ease. You will agree with me that the gestation period is normally meant to provide the unborn develop certain features. The amazing brain development of a young elephant is testimony to the fact that the 2 year period is not farfetched.

Scientists have been at the forefront of seeking for means through which they can understand the biological process of an elephants pregnancy. The need to understand the process is so as to help them understand how they can improve breeding programs and help increase the number of elephants who are fast becoming extinct due to trunk trade. The advancements in technology seem to provide individuals with a glimpse of hope as scientists can now be able to do an ultra sound and understand the process.

Why Elizabeth Smart Didn’t Get Pregnant

The story of the abduction of Elizabeth Smart has touched many people across the world. Elizabeth was 14 years when she was adducted from her home in Salt Lake City by Brian David Mitchell. She was taken to a camp where she lived with him together with his wife. Elizabeth story is heart breaking as it tells of a girl who, at her age, has gone through one of the most horrifying ordeals in history. While in abduction, Elizabeth was married to Brian and from there, he repeatedly raped her through the following months. Later she escaped and had her abductors arrested.

Her story has begged many questions about why Elizabeth did not get pregnant during her capture despite the rapes. Many theories have been brought up to explain this phenomenon. To begin with, stress could have been the major factor that prevented Elizabeth from getting pregnant. Since she was in captivity, Elizabeth was constantly stressed by the situation. This could have possibly altered hormonal balance in her body thereby making it hard for her to conceive. Also, with imbalanced hormones, there is a high chance that she could have lost her baby if she ever got pregnant. A pregnant woman can loose her baby too early in the pregnancy that she wouldn’t notice it.

Also, there is another theory that states that Brians wife could have been giving Elizabeth birth control pills without her knowledge. This is one of the possibilities that many people believe in. Through foods and drinks, Brians wife could have successfully given Elizabeth pills which prevented her from getting pregnant despite constant exposure. Alternatively, Elizabeth could have been given birth control injection. Birth control jabs are very effective for they prevent pregnancy for a period exceeding 6 months. This can be a possibility that is very feasible.

Lastly, there is a high possibility that Brian could be infertile. Many a times, women fail to become pregnant because the men in their lives are infertile. If Brian was infertile, there is no way he could have made her pregnant. Normally, there is no way a woman can avoid pregnancy if she was raped as many times ad Elizabeth was. Similarly, Elizabeth could be infertile as well. Elizabeths infertility is another theory that explains why she did not get pregnant during her abduction. However, it is only medical tests that can clarify issues surrounding her pregnancy and the possibilities so as to come up with concrete reasons.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Aspirin in Pregnancy

Aspirin has been a common pain killer in the drugs market and has been present for quite some time.  It can be used for common headaches and the aches and pains that may come once in  a while. it has been known to lead to addiction if it is used for a long time in large doses. With regard to pregnancy, it is considered safe only when it is used in small controlled dosages that are carefully managed by the doctor.   The doctor should have weighed the options   and the benefits should be more than the risks posed by the use of the aspirin in the pregnancy of the women he is treating. Generally however, aspirin is not recommended for use in pregnancy; here is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use aspirin in pregnancy

If it is used in late pregnancy, it can delay delivery and this may cause adverse effects on the health of the baby. This is when it is used in regular adult dosages.  When it is used in early pregnancy it can induce miscarriage especially when a woman uses it at the time when she is trying to conceive. You run the risk of placental abruption when you use aspirin in pregnancy; this is when the placenta separates from the uterus before birth and deprives the baby of oxygen. It will cause severe bleeding and premature blood. You will notice that you have placental abruption when you have a lot of vaginal bleeding and you have a lot of back pain as well.

The effects on the baby are also many and you want to make sure you are careful with the use of aspirin when you are pregnant. A baby will likely suffer from heart and lung problems if a mother uses aspirin in her pregnancy.  If aspirin has been prescribed for a certain condition, you should continue taking it, but if you were not pregnant and you have discovered that you are pregnant, you should seek the advice of your doctor first. Women who have conditions like preeclampsia, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, high blood pressure  and other conditions may benefit from the use of aspirin when they are pregnant, but  as has been mentioned above, this medication has to be used  with a lot of care; having weighed the options very carefully.

Aspirin interferes with blood clotting and as a result when you take it when you are past 32 weeks of pregnancy, you may bleed a lot when the time comes for you to deliver. It can also cause the premature closure of vessels in the heart of the baby before it is born and this may lead to high blood pressure in the heart of the baby and prolong labor for the mother.

If you need to use a pain reliever when you are pregnant, you may want to try other pain relievers, with the advice of your healthcare provider. You should get a close monitoring of your intake of any medication when you are pregnant.

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